How to publish a very long article

Reading a very long article can be tiresome, so a reader faced with a very long article might be discouraged to read it in the first place.

While we require a minimum of 400 words per article, we recommend it to be between 500-600 words.

If your article is very long though, simply divide it into smaller articles! You may keep the same title and add “part 1″, “part 2″, etc to the title.

On each article include links to the other parts, once they are published as well. In order to do that, enter your account at, click on View/Edit Articles -> Edit and add the links to the other parts.

Dividing your article into smaller ones has a positive impact on your reader:

  • The article he is about to read is not very long, encouraging the reader to dedicate his time to read it all.
  • An article divided in parts gives the impression of order and vast knowledge
  • Even knowing there is more to read, the division in parts creates a certain curiosity in the reader’s mind, and a sense of continuity.
  • Dividing it in smaller articles will increase the number of articles in your arsenal, helping your branding as a published author.

It is highly recommended to add the link to the next part (and preferably to all parts) at the bottom of the article. Don’t make your reader work hard to find the next article he should read.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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New Unique Content Guidelines

We are always searching for ways to help you promote your articles on

Recently, we have found that articles with unique content have significantly higher rankings on Google than articles which appear on more than one website. This is the result of changes made to Google’s search engine.

In light of these changes focused on unique content, will only be accepting unique articles. This means that if an article appears elsewhere online, it will not be accepted by

We hope that this change will have a positive impact on the search results and help more people find your articles.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of the AB community.

The AB Team

Featured Author – Jeanne Miller Rodriguez

We proudly introduce Jeanne Miller Rodriguez as a Featured Author. Jeanne writes books and articles that help employees, supervisors and leaders succeed in today’s professional enviroment. Jeanne’s articles are knowledgeable and her interview below is inspiring.

Jeanne Miller Rodriguez

Member Since: Feb 2011
Published articles: 24


Introduce yourself

I am a former government executive with over 30 years experience in developing and administering public policy in a wide variety of areas including strategic planning, succession planning, human resource management, community relations and civil rights.  I am also a consultant and part-time university instructor.  In addition to my articles published on ArticlesBase, I am also the author of the following two career-related books:

Ready Set Work:  Teaching employees how to turn themselves into employees that all employers want to have and ensure that they are at the tail end of a lay off process, at the front end of the promotional process.  The book is specifically developed to be your job coach, your mentor, and your guide all in the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule.  No more slogging through confusing training manuals and boring text books, or daydreaming through seminars.  This is a book that is written in clear, simple terms that will often have you laughing out loud while you learn.

Ready Set Supervise:  One of the biggest problems supervisors face is how to get people to do what they need them to do when they need them to do it.   Today’s supervisors are faced with greater challenges than ever before.  Budget cutbacks, navigating laws, rules, policies, environment that changes rapidly and often daily and the stress of trying to be all things to all people.  This book teaches supervisors how to create an environment that makes it possible for people to excel despite budget cutbacks and fewer resources than ever before, how to get the productivity they need without resorting to blackmail, whips, or begging, greatly reduce the stress of trying to be all things to all people.

The third book in the Ready Set Trilogy, entitled, Ready Set Lead! is due out late 2012 or early 2013.

Business blog: My blog is for those readers who are interested in expanding their career options, understanding their work environment better, and learning about what works and what doesn’t in today’s professional environment.  We discuss a wide variety of current work topics that are commonly found in many organizations.  My overall goal with my books, my articles, and my blog is to bring greater understanding between employees, supervisors, and organizational leaders through greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Who are you?  Where are you from? 

Born in Pennsylvania, my early education was in one of the last of the one room schools in the country.  I was always an excellent student because I figured the longer I stayed in school the longer I could go without getting a full-time job.   After short stints as a waitress, child care provider, guitar teacher, and a department-store Easter Bunny, I knew working was not going to be easy.  My first real jobs were teaching Spanish and English as a Second Language at the university and middle school levels.  I taught Spanish to West Virginians, English to Colombians, and tried to teach Spanish to eighth graders.  I found the Colombians were the easiest, the West Virginians were the funniest, and I spent most of my time with middle schoolers ducking flying desks.

I received my BA from Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA with majors in Spanish, German and French. I received my Master’s Degree from West Virginia University in Spanish literature where I also began doctoral work before embarking on a career in public service.  Those years enabled me to develop expertise in human resource management, and the opportunity to interview, hire, coach, mentor hundreds of individuals in their careers.

An experienced trainer and educator, I have taught in Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, and South America.  Currently, I work with public and private organizations as a consultant, investigator, and trainer in areas such as program development, cultural competency, discrimination, and organizational development.

I live with my family in Sacramento, CA.

How long have you been writing/publishing articles?

I have been writing for many years as a result of my state career but just starting writing for pleasure and publication during the past five years.

What was the impact of publishing your articles on ArticlesBase?

ArticlesBase has proven to be a wonderful resource for publishing my articles and getting them out to a wide audience base.   I have been contacted by many readers who otherwise might not have seen nor profited by the information I am trying to get to my target audiences.

What do you like best about your ArticlesBase experience?

That is easy.  My favorite feature is how easy ArticlesBase is to use.  I am not a highly-skilled technical person and I have no problem navigating their website, publishing my articles, tracking them, and editing any time I need to.  I would recommend ArticlesBase to anyone who just wants to share information with a wide readership.

Tell us about your writing process.

I write all of my books and articles by myself.  Topics are generally derived from issues that employees, supervisors, or leaders are currently experiencing and could use some advice on.  Today’s work environment is more complex yet more interesting than ever before, and I continually hear from readers how much they appreciate having comprehensive advice that is grounded in reality and common sense.  As for process, I write at various times of day and for various lengths of time depending on how inspired I am by the topic.  If I am writing about things like how to budget better in tough times, or how to develop a strategic plan, I have to take it slow and easy or I put myself to sleep.  On the other hand, whenever I hear about outrageous employment situations that cause headaches and heartaches, I can write for days on end and barely stop for water or bathroom breaks.

What tips or words of wisdom can you share with other authors?

Best advice for anyone who wants to write:  Write about what you love, but also about something you know.  They are often different.  Your passion will keep you writing, your knowledge will keep your readers.



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Ronit & the team

Featured Author – Jim Wawro

We proudly introduce Jim Wawro as a Featured Author. Jim writes books and articles about the use of intuition. As Jim shares his experience and words of wisdom in this interview, we clearly see that he is passionate about writing – and the subject he writes about.



Jim Wawro

Jim Wawro

Member Since: Jan 2010
Published articles: 23


Introduce yourself

Born and raised in Rochester, New York, I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a lawyer. After graduating from Cornell Law School, I first practiced with a large Wall Street law firm. From there, I went on to establish my own law firm in Los Angeles, ultimately merging my international litigation practice with a 1,400-lawyer firm and becoming a senior partner in that firm.

During my years of trying cases, I began to notice that there were other laws—unwritten, universal laws—that applied to everyone just as surely as the law of gravity.  One of those laws is the law of intuition, that there is an ever-flowing stream of wisdom coming to each individual from within. After experimenting with intuition and finding that it worked for me in trying cases, I began to study how great thinkers throughout history and regular people alive today discovered the secrets of intuition: what it is, how to recognize it, how to contact it, how to listen to it, how to test it, when to rely on it, and how to distinguish it from other inner promptings. After 28 years of representing clients from around the world, I decided to resign my law firm partnership, move to California’s Central Coast, and to write full-time about intuition. I condensed my study of proven methods of using intuition into Ask Your Inner Voice, Conscious Communication with the Truth Within, traditionally published in 2010.

Current projects

Since my start with ArticlesBase in 2010, I developed my website, and began blogging about proven methods of using intuition to dramatically improve the quality of your personal and professional life. I am about to publish, in paperback and eBook versions, my third full-length book, Awakening Counsel, A Practical Guide to Creating the Life You Want to Live, comprised of interrelated nonfiction short stories that demonstrate how three simple universal laws can deliver to you the knowledge of what you really want, the means to get it, and the power to heal in nearly any situation. Easy exercises at the end of the book confirm the existence and application of these universal laws to the health, wealth, and happiness in your own life.


ArticlesBase experience.

When Ask Your Inner Voice was published, I realized that author marketing was a key element in the success of any book. I quickly found ArticlesBase and in 2010 began writing and publishing articles about intuition there. What I liked about ArticlesBase is that it is not exclusive; posting is made easy; article approval is quick; and ArticlesBase delivered 1,000 readers that would not have otherwise seen my articles or been made aware of my website.


Writing process.

I’ve found that the best articles—and the articles that receive the most traffic—are the inspired ones, the ones that are written from the heart, the ones written because you have something to say as opposed to the ones written just to fill up an article quota.
What tips or words of wisdom can you share with other authors?

Why do writers write?  They write because they have been given something special. They write because they are compelled to. They write because they are fulfilling their destiny to use the gifts they have been given to make a difference in the world. Writing from that place never gets old…


Anything else you would like to add?

“Books are a form of immortality. The words of men whose bodies are dust still live in their books.” — Wilfred A. Peterson, The Art of Living by Day

“I never met an author who was sorry he or she wrote a book. They are only sorry they did not write it sooner.” — Sam Horn, Tongue Fu!

“I never said writing your book would be easy. I only promised it would be worth it.“ — Dan Poynter, Writing Nonfiction



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Featured Author – Bob Reiss

We proudly introduce Bob Reiss as a Featured Author. Bob has an extensive experience in business and writes helpful articles on the subject. In this interview Bob shares valuable tips on article writing.

 Bob Reiss

Member Since: Feb 2011
Published articles: 29


Introduce yourself

I grew up in Brooklyn, attended public schools and Graduated from Columbia (where I played on an undefeated basketball team) and received my MBA from Harvard Business School after serving 2 years in the Army.
I have been the subject of two Harvard Business school cases, one of which has been taught at over 80 Universities around the world for the last 27 years. I’ve been a guest speaker to Entrepreneurship classes at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels. I’ve been involved in 16 start-ups, one of which made the INC 500 list of America’s fastest growing companies three times.
I have written two books on Entrepreneurism and am married to an entrepreneur and we have 5 daughters.
My web/blog site ( is about helping aspiring and existing Small Businesses start and grow their enterprises, through practical messages I’ve learned by doing and my talks to Universities. My web site gives details of my book titled Bootstrapping 101 which offers tips to build your business with limited cash and free outside help. The site also offers a regular blog of which the viewer can tap into the archives of 100 past blogs. It also offers a free E guide about the value of sales reps and everything you would want to know about them, recommended Small Business sites and articles and interviews I’ve done.

How long have you been writing/publishing articles?

I started writing in 1998 when Simon & Schuster approached me about writing a book on Entrepreneurism. I did so and it was published in 2000 with title of Low Risk High Reward, with a subtitle of Starting and Growing Your Business with Minimal Risk. I wrote my next book on Bootstrapping which I self published in 2009, which is when I created a web site and started writing blogs. I was also a columnist for for one year.

What was the impact of publishing your articles on ArticlesBase?

I honestly can’t say what the impact of publishing articles with Articlesbase was as there are no solid numbers I can get my arms around. However, it is prestigious to have a known high ranked site publish a collection of your articles.

What do you like best about your ArticlesBase experience?

I like the Articlesbase experience as it helps give me a sense of discipline and focus in my article writing, as I want to keep adding to my total that are shown there. Also, Articlesbase is by far an easier company to deal with than their competition.

Tell us about your writing process.

I write all articles by myself. Ideas come from a variety of sources and times. My most fertile area for topics is from my interaction with sharp students at schools I talk to. In my extensive
Q & A sessions I can see the issues they are most interested in and the key areas where their knowledge is suspect.

What tips or words of wisdom can you share with other authors?

I don’t feel comfortable advising authors on writing. I can only offer my own approach. Picking topics is relatively easy for me. Once I decide on one, I do a list of bullet points I want to cover, think of anecdotes or stories to support them and if appropriate do supporting research. After a marinating period, I like to write the article quickly and first thing in the morning. I then review it the next day for any necessary modifications.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would add that I believe people love and remember stories. Try to come up with pertinent ones from your own experiences. Also a more lengthy article adds nothing to quality. Shorter is better but harder to write .I also don’t ascribe to everything done in lists….The 10 best ways to prevent snoring….. Lists at times are appropriate but I would make the case that one important point supported by a story and/or data can be more memorable and valuable. Finally, It is good to get trusted opinions of your writings, but not too many. You don’t want to lose your voice. I also like to always have 2-3 articles ready in advance, so as not to have to rush writing one and in case you get tied up in something else or do some traveling. If you are really passionate in a belief, state it and ignore the naysayers.
Bob Reiss

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Fighting Copyright Infringement

As mentioned in a previous post, on your articles are published under Creative Commons License, meaning website or blog owners are allowed to re-publish your article, as long as they give you proper credit.

If an article is simply copied without giving the author credit, it is plain and simple plagiarism, and there is nothing more frustrating and infuriating than to have your hard work plagiarized, right? Alas, once a text is published on the internet, copying it is as easy as it gets.

Let’s face it, with the Creative Commons License and our ready to re-publish version for each article, there is simply no excuse to plagiarize an article.

So how can you defend your authorship and fight against copyright infringement of your articles?


Every once in a while look for your articles on search engines. Search for the title but also for a text snippet from the article’s body.


Open the links to the other websites and define if they are re-publishing in a way that benefits you (under Creative Commons, giving you full credit and a link to the original article), or if they are plagiarizing, i.e. only the article itself or part of it, with no credit to you or to


Found and illegit copy of your article? Give the site owner a chance to correct it. Look for a way to contact the author (most sites/blog offer a contact-us or about-us page). Tell them they are allowed to re-publish your article as long as they comply with terms of use, and even offer a link for the re-publication version of your article (found at the bottom of the article on the re-publish button)


No one to talk to? Sometimes a website/blog doesn’t have a contact option, or no one replies. Those are usually websites made for advertising purposes and the most popular advertisement tool used is Google’s AdSense. Since Google are strict with websites displaying AdSense, and since copyright infringement is unacceptable, the best way to fight is to report the website to Google.

How to report to Google?

On the plagiarizing website, look for AdChoices or Ads By Google near the ads. On the window that opens, scroll down and under Report a policy violation regarding the site or ads you just saw: choose “the website”.
Select the last option () and under Add Additional information here make sure to elaborate on the issue: the website plagiarized your article (include a link to the original article on You will probably be prompted to file a DMCA complaint as well (recommended!).

Remember, with Creative Commons everybody wins, so it’s ok to have your articles copied and re-published, as long as you get full credit!

We are here to help you fight copyright infringement. Let us know if we can assist!

All the best,

Ronit & the team

Keeping your re-publisher in mind

Last week we spoke about the great tool of re-publishing articles under Creative Commons License. Re-publishing articles under Creative Commons License is both allowed and encouraged. Following its conditions, everybody wins: the site owner gets quality content and the author gets more exposure.

We often talk about keeping your readers in mind when writing an article, to ensure you get their interest and trust. Following the same logic, if you want your article to be re-published by another website, you must keep your re-publisher in mind when writing and publishing your article:

  • Do not make your article overly promotional. Your re-publisher is choosing an article because he wants to offer content, not advertisement.
  • Make sure any information about yourself/your company/your site appears only on the author bio. Even though the bio appears on the re-publication version, you still want to maintain the content informative and objective.
  • Keep your author bio concise and elegant.
  • Check formatting, grammar and spelling before publishing your article

Keep in mind: re-publishers are looking for quality content !

All the best,

Ronit and the team

Google Plus One on Search Results

We’ve been talking a lot about Google Plus and Google Authorship. Google Authorship is a powerful feature for any article marketer, and for that you must have a Google Plus profile.

Google Plus profile displays all the content you “plus one” around the net, and obviously we recommend sharing with the plus one button all your articles.

Wanna make sure all your work is shared? Google offers a very cool extension to the +1 sharing. You can do it directly on Google’s search results!

Try it out! First, make sure you are connected to your Google Plus account.

Then search a combination of your name + articlesbase.

Hover with the mouse over the search results. You will notice the +1 button appearing under the result title:

How cool is that?!?

Even cooler, once you click on the plus one, the search result shows you have shared it with your G+ picture

Google keeps integrating content, profile and search result and we recommend all out authors to use and enjoy those features.

Need any assistance? Drop us a line here.

All the best,

Ronit and the team

Re-publishing articles under Creative Commons License

Did you know?’s articles are under Creative Commons License.

The creative commons is widely spread throughout the internet. It a way to use other people’s content in an ethical way, attributing credits to the author and site of origin.

On, this license is a permission for site owners to re-publish articles on their very own website, as long as they comply with the following terms:

  • Article content and author profile must remain intact
  • All links included by the author must remain intact
  • A link to the article source on must be included
  • All links mentioned above must be active

What is the advantage for site owners?

Not all site owners have the time to write articles, but we all know how important it is to have quality content on one’s website. Re-publishing articles provides the site owner with immediate and relevant content.

What is the advantage for the author?

Imagine publishing your article once, and then having it re-published round the net without any extra effort on your part! Remember, when your article is re-published under creative commons license, your profile and links are also republished, increasing even more your online branding and traffic to your site/blog.

In other words, with Creative Commons everybody wins.

How is it done?

You will notice by the end of each article a button called re-publish

Clicking on it brings up a version of the article in HTML already complying with the terms of use. The site owner can just copy and paste the code to his website’s content management system.

If site owners ask to use your articles simply direct them to the “re-publish” version of your article.


Featured Author – Suzanne Harrill

We proudly introduce Suzanne Harrill as a Featured Author. Suzanne is a counselor, coach, and an author, helping people from all ages to unveil their own potential. In this interview she shares her history and experience.

  Suzanne E. Harrill

Member Since: Jun 2009
Published articles: 24



Introduce yourself

Whenever I learn something that improves my life and my relationships, it gives me great joy to pass it along to interested others. I like to inspire people to know and accept themselves, to build aware, fulfilling relationships, and to discover their spiritual essence. I bring a lifetime of helpful information to my readers and clients from the wisdom gained through self-study and being in private practice as a therapist for 30+ years. I am a counselor, coach, professional speaker, and the author of self-help books for children, teens, and adults. For the past nine years I have had an online newsletter with articles I have written and others have written to spark the inner journey.

On a personal note, I enjoy painting with watercolors, creating original stained glass pieces, and exercising with yoga, Pilates, and walking. I married Rodney A. Harrill in 1966. We have three grown daughters who are some of our best friends – each of them is a chiropractor, which is exciting – and we are the joyful grandparents of 4 grandchildren.

My mission statement for Innerworks Publishing:

“To empower people to love and accept themselves, to heal pain from the past, to know their purpose, and to reach their potential individually and collectively.”

My teachings are summarized by The Acorn Analogy, that came to me in meditation 30 years ago.

The Acorn Analogy

Deep inside you know how to be you, just as an acorn knows how to be a mighty oak.  Remember that the acorn is doing the best it can do at each stage of growth along its life cycle.  It can only grow to the degree that it has nurturing from nature: sunlight, rainwater, and nutrients from the soil.  Even if the early start was less than optimal the eager oak can accelerate its desire to grow at any time there are proper nutrients available.  YOU ARE LIKE THE ACORN! You too are doing your best under the conditions in which you are growing.  Add a little awareness, self-acceptance, and nurturing; then watch you grow.  Nurture yourself to grow into your True Self and reclaim your birthright to feel worthy.

Who Am I?

I am a wise woman, now in my mid 60’s, who is aware of my spiritual purpose. I grew up in Glen Burnie, Maryland, married at 19 while in college, and moved to Houston a year later where my husband took his first job. In my early years I was very unaware, yet, had a curiosity about the mysteries of life and wanted to know who I was and why I was here. I had a passion to make my life different form what was modeled to me growing up. It has been quite a journey of awakening and the search paid off well – my life is different and I am very happy. You will read in a couple of my articles on about a 6 month-old baby that contributed to catapulting me on a new path in my early 20’s. To continue, my undergraduate degree is in art education and graduate degree in counseling psychology. I began counseling after graduating in 1977.

I started writing in the mid 1980’s. My first book was called, You Could Feel Good – Growing and Changing into Your True Self. This book is out of print and parts of it are found in all my future writings. My creativity was skyrocketing then, so I kept creating books and sidelines. I started my publishing company, Innerworks Publishing, to publish my works. Three times a publisher picked up one of my books to publish, while the rest I published myself. With the internet it became important the move with the changes. My books are not only, hand-held, hardcopy books but   e-books and kindles as well. To reach more people I started an online newsletter nine years ago, which is full of wonderful articles to help people expand awareness on topics related to self-esteem boosting, building relationship skills, and discovering ones true self. Recently, I started a blog with the intention to inspire others to grow in self-awareness.

What is my site about? Very simply it is about helping people know and love themselves and create the life they choose.


How long have you been writing/publishing articles?

My first article was, Building Self-esteem, which a small local paper published in the mid 1980’s. My first book was published in 1987 by UniSun.


What was the impact of publishing your articles on ArticlesBase?

Right off the bat, when my first article was posted, Giving From Your Overflow, a woman contacted me about putting the article on her blog.


What do you like best about your ArticlesBase experience?

When I need an article to round out my newsletter I use ArticlesBase. Immediately, I can search by topic and get wonderful information by many writers. ArticlesBase is part of the Age of Information and helping others.


Tell us about your writing process.

I wait for moment of inspiration and when insights come. I do have to discipline myself to sit and do the work to polish an article. Sometimes I ask my friends to edit and proof my work.


What tips or words of wisdom can you share with other authors?

Be yourself. Express yourself. Keep expanding your horizons with new ideas, people, and experiences.



If you wish to become a Featured Author, send your profile to

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From all of us at, we thank you Suzanne for this wonderful interview.

Ronit & the team