Quality content – you can do it!

You strive to write a good article, one that will be accepted, published on ArticlesBase.com and hopefully re-published by other site owners.

We often reject articles as being of “low quality content”. It is easy to let go of quality when writing in a hurry, when hiring someone else to write for you, when feeling lazy, etc.

Even if you are a busy article marketer, you should never compromise on your article’s quality. Your online branding and reputation is built on your expertise on the subject and the usefulness of your articles. Publishing low quality articles might provide you with fewer more links, but will ruin what matters the most: the connection with your reader.

Even though “quality” is a subjective notion, there are a few things you can do to increase your content’s quality:

  • Check spelling, formatting, links, images, etc. First impression counts the most!
  • Make sure to keep all contact info, company/site info, self praise, promotional links, blunt call-to-actions, etc., on the author bio. Keep the article informative. Your reader wants information and might feel deceived or simply uninterested by advertisement disguised as an article.
  • Keep your reader in mind: write in a way that reaches your potential reader.
  • Keep your re-publisher in mind: you want your article to be re-published on other websites. It will only happen if you offer an objective and informative take on the subject of your article.

In conclusion, taking the time and effort to write a quality article will prevent article rejection, increase your online reputation and eventually bring you more readers (i.e. potential clients).

If you need any further guidance on how to write good articles, contact us on the comments section below.

Good writing!

9 thoughts on “Quality content – you can do it!

  1. I submitted my second article, Quality Time, on 03/16/2012 which was rejected, due to it being “overly promotional.” I don’t understand what that criticism means. Can you help? I’d like to take a shot at writing another article, however, I don’t know any other style. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. this is very nice one and gives in depth information. You made tremendous great ideas, thanks for this nice article.

  3. this article is encouraging thought i had expected something else..anyways thanks!!!

  4. The term ‘quality’ is quite subjective. Most so called quality information are nothing more than rehashed of information from other sources. Some people get away with content duplication via article spinning or rewrite. In my humble opinion, besides factors such as proper spelling and grammar, one should spend time to do some research and produce articles that are unique from different perspectives.
    In short, write for readership and not for self promotion or SEO purposes.

  5. This article encouraged me to write in the field of my interest, though I am not a good writer I will try to keep on writing. Thanks for such article.

  6. I have been writing quality content for my newer websites because I learned from Panda. Last year, all of my websites (except local) were hit by Panda due to thin contents. Now, I strive to make at least a 600 word content every time.

  7. The key points inside this article describe what you need to have a quality content for readers view. more often it is good to combine quality content + good page content so both readers and search engines are satisfied. To add up some it would be nicer to have more than 300 word counts and separate paragraphs evenly. Good Day and God Bless

  8. Yes, quality is objective! The key element to focus on is to write “to” your reader.You can be entertaining enough to grab readers but you must capture them with quality content! Spun and thin content only reflect badly upon the author and publisher, which is contrary to their entire purpose of presenting it.

    By focusing on the subject matter, effect an art of teaching your reader and not self promotion. Your reader comes in search of knowledge. Write articles that answer the questions they have or provide facts and personal knowledge. This makes a difference for your reader and captures their desire to want to read more and follow you.

    Adding graphics or video enhances this experience for them too! It is much more desirable and easier for the reader to relate to. Your reader will feel as if you are really making an effort to serve them.

    Lastly, utilize your author box and biography elegantly and purposely! That is where you want, and are provided, the opportunity to tout yourself and promote with intent.

    Write like you mean it!

    aka “Stratocasterman”

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