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We proudly introduce Roseanna Leaton as a Featured Author. Roseanna works with Psychology and Hypnotherapy, not to mention she is an avid golfer! Roseanna uses Article Marketing to promote her websites and has great article writing tips.

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Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Roseanna Leaton and I live in two very different parts of the world.

The Isle of Man is a small island in the middle of the Irish Sea that looks as if it has somehow detached itself from the Scottish Islands and dropped down a little bit!  It is a rugged and beautiful place with great Viking Heritage and much historical interest.  The Island is probably best known however for something entirely different – the TT races which are held each year at the beginning of June and attracts visitors from all over the world.  The Isle of Man is also known for its unusual breed of Manx cats (that have no tails) and 4 horned Loughton sheep!

The second place in which I live with my American husband has a rather more desirable climate and less ancient history.  We spend much of the year in Northern California, not far from San Francisco, where I indulge my addiction to the wonderful game of golf on a regular basis.  When I say regular, I mean regular – 5 times a week!

My business is psychology and hypnotherapy.  I practiced for 20 years as a clinical therapist before changing the focus of my business to be able to reach a wider audience through mp3 downloads.  I have two websites.  The first (http://www.RoseannaLeaton.com) covers a wide range of topics, from health matters to self-improvement, overcoming phobias to improving mental attitude in sport.  The second website (http://www.GolferWithin.com) is a specialist golf related site that brings my two passions of hypnotherapy and golf together in one place.

How long have you been writing/publishing articles?

I have been writing and publishing articles, both online and in specialist magazines, for the last four years as a means of reaching out to a wider audience and telling the tale of how hypnosis mp3 downloads can transform your life.  In my business this is particularly important as the majority of people do not really know what hypnosis is or that it could help with the things that they would like to change.

What was the impact of publishing your articles on ArticlesBase?

Publishing on ArticlesBase has brought more traffic which in turn of course brings more customers and ultimately more sales.  That of course is what we all hope to achieve.  It provides a platform where people can see your work and appreciate more fully what you are about.  Through article writing and marketing on ArticlesBase, potential customers can see that you are real and that you provide a quality and necessary product.

What do you like best about your ArticlesBase experience?

I like the fact that ArticlesBase looks and feels far more professional than many article marketing sites.  It has a quality feel.

Tell us about your writing process.

The article writing process is an interesting one.  It can be very difficult to force yourself to write on a regular basis.  I incorporate what is happening in my life into my articles which I feel makes them more real and easier to relate to.  I do not write for the sake of key words and Google.  I write in a way that I think a reader will enjoy their experience.  I write for real people. Not a bot.  I also write articles in response to questions I receive on my website.  Thus if a potential customer has enquired about hypnosis for stopping procrastinating, or stopping blushing it is likely that I would choose to write an article to explain how hypnosis could help in these areas.

What tips or words of wisdom can you share with other authors?

I’m not sure that I’m qualified to comment on the subject of internet marketing.  I have a whole long list of what not to do!  I am sure that the majority of people who set up a website do not have a background in marketing and so will encounter many of the same pitfalls that I have experienced.  I have many times wondered how they could be avoided.

The one thing that I would say for certain is that as an inexperienced marketer, the one and only thing that I can control and that works very successfully for me is in fact article marketing.


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